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There’s a lot to like about hummus: the creamy texture and filling protein, the way in which it pairs completely with crisp greens. However in the event you’re following a low-carb diet, it’s possible you’ll be uncertain how the Mediterranean dip suits into your plan. In spite of everything, legumes are comparatively excessive in carbohydrates, and most low-carb diets permit solely 50 to 100 grams of web carbs per day. So, what is the verdict?

“The principle ingredient in most hummus recipes is garbanzo beans (or chickpeas), which comprise a notable quantity of carbohydrates and needs to be consumed moderately when on a low-carb diet,” Kristen Smith, MS, RD, LD, spokesperson for the Academy of Diet and Dietetics, advised POPSUGAR. “Nonetheless, most hummus recipes comprise a number of different substances, together with tahini and olive oil, which occur to be low in carbohydrates. When all of the substances for hummus are mixed, the end result is a meals average in carbohydrates.”

Extra importantly, “all carbohydrate-containing meals in hummus are complicated carbohydrates,” she famous. “Advanced carbs will take your physique longer to digest and never trigger a spike in blood sugar.”

Meaning you’ll be able to normally get pleasure from hummus on a low-carb diet, so long as you watch your parts. “The portion you’ll be able to devour will depend upon the full carbohydrates allowed per day in your plan,” Kristen mentioned. She defined that most individuals on a really low-carb diet can get pleasure from at the very least two tablespoons of hummus (that is 5 grams of web carbs, calculated by subtracting fiber from complete carbs), whereas these following a extra versatile plan can have at the very least 1/three cup (13 grams of web carbs).

If you wish to restrict carbs even additional, you too can attempt mixing up the recipe. “Hummus may be made with quite a lot of non-starchy greens, together with carrots or cauliflower,” Kristen advised POPSUGAR. “Take into account making your personal, combining each garbanzo beans and cauliflower for a decrease carbohydrate hummus possibility.”