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Crust components:
– Pure almonds
– unsweetened desiccated coconut
– Dates
– 100% passionfruit pulp *
– Darkish cacao powder
– Sea salt

Filling components:
– Uncooked cashews
– Passionfruit pulp
– Maple syrup

– Recent mango

1. Soak the cashews in passionfruit pulp in a single day. Soaking permits the nuts to melt, making it simpler to mix them right into a easy creme. Soak the dates in passionfruit pulp in a single day. This enables the flavour to infused into the dates whereas re-hydrating them.

2. In a meals processor, mix the almonds, cacao, desiccated coconut and sea salt right into a crumble. Then add the dates (with out passionfruit pulp) and blend till a sticky ‘dough’ kinds.
NOTE: When you discover your combine is just too sticky, combine in additional dried coconut, if its too dry add a pair extra dates.

3. Press the crust right into a plastic wrap traces tart pan and place within the freezer to set whereas making the filling.

4. In a meals processor, combine the soaked/drained cashews with 1/Four cup of the maple syrup till a easy cream consistency kinds. In case you have a Vitamix/highly effective blender, use this as an alternative, as it’s sturdy sufficient to interrupt down the nuts shortly.
TIP: Style the combination with 1/4th cup maple syrup blended first, to see if it’s candy sufficient on your style. If not, add the remainder (one other 1/4th cup).

5. Pour the cashew cream filling into the pie crust and place again within the freezer for an hour or till the cream units/solidifies barely.

6. Peel the mango utilizing a vegetable peeler, and slice thinly on a mandoline. As soon as the tart has set, add a layer of mango slices excessive, and place within the fridge if serving immediately. For delayed service, place the pie within the freezer, and take away it an hour earlier than serving (nonetheless preserve in cool place) to let the mango thaw.

– Passionfruit is likely one of the highest sources of vitamin C, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and fiber. It is usually decrease in sugars (not as candy to the palet) as different tropical fruits like banana and pineapple. Mango is a additionally a superb supply of Nutritional vitamins A, C, however are much less nutrient-dense than passionfruit. You should purchase pure passionfruit pulp like this within the frozen part of smaller grocery shops and ethnic markets.

– Cashews are a superb supply of protein, wholesome monounsaturated fats and omega fatty acids, plus iron, calcium, magnesium, and fiber.

– Coconut is excessive in saturated fats, the much less wholesome variety of fats, which is why I don’t use this ingredient usually or in giant portions. In truth, coconut is the one plant-based meals that accommodates a lot saturated fats. Based on the vast majority of diet analysis, sticking to the heart-healthy un-saturated fat (monounsaturated, important fatty acids/omega fat, polyunsaturated fat) present in nuts and seeds, olive oil, avocado and so on. is wholesome for optimum diet and illness prevention.