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BLWing Eggy Muffins

February 9, 2017

: 9 Muffins

: 5 min

: 25 min

: 30 min

: Simple

These Child Led Weaning 3-ingredient Eggy muffins are SUPER simple to make, nice to eat recent for 6mo+ bubs and household OR freeze a batch for meals throughout the week. Simple to select up for bubs, good and fluffy to eat, nutritious and nice for introducing egg into your bub’s diet



  • 6x natural free-range eggs
  • 3x tablespoons of full fats greek yogurt
  • 3x cups of natural recent or frozen peas, spinach or blended greens


  • Step 1 Flip the oven on 170 diploma celsius and greese the muffin tray holes with unsalted butter or coconut oil (tip: utilizing a silicon muffin tin with coconut oil works very well to stop the muffins from sticking to the pan holes โ€“ and well worth the funding! If utilizing a tin pan make sure you grease with unsalted butter or coconut oil very well and thick to stop sticking).
  • Step 2 Now add recent or frozen greensย into the 9 muffin holes (fill 3/Four of every muffin gap with the greens)
  • Step 3 Individually, in a jug crack all 6 eggs and yogurt and whisk till all mixed. Now pour the egg combination into every muffin tin gap, fill to the very prime of every muffin tin gap. Together with your finger or spoon gently combine within the substances in every muffin gap. Now place the muffin tin tray into the oven for 25 minutes lengthy.
  • Step 4 The muffins ought to be mild, fluffy and cooked proper by means of! ๐Ÿ™‚ Get pleasure from! Ava takes these to childcare for breakfast or lunchโ€ฆ Mum and Dad additionally take these to work โ€“ they’re scrumptious! ย โ„๏ธ These are additionally nice to freeze for as much as Three months. To defrost: place frozen muffins in a container and place into the fridge in a single day, then reheat in microwave for 15 seconds