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Traditionally a French Fry Po’ Boy is French fries sandwiched inside of a baguette and smothered with roast beef gravy. In this vegan po boy version, we season and bake the fries to get a crispy crust. We also make a mushroom gravy that adds extra umami to your new favorite sandwich. You’ll never miss the meat and I promise you that you won’t go hungry!

Where Did the French Fry Po’ Boy Come From?

New Orleans is known for its delicious food and it’s the home of the French Fry Po’ Boy Sandwich! 

This is another in my series of posts sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission. I love potatoes and I know you do too!

What Exactly Is a Po’ Boy?

A Po Boy sandwich is a baguette filled with some kind of yummy filling, like these air fryer French fries. You can buy them by the 1/2 or whole, but most of the time even a 1/2 is huge in New Orleans.

Cajun French Fry Po' Boy with Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Why Would You Put Gravy on a Sandwich?

With all that bread you need something saucy to keep your mouth from being dry.

The mushroom gravy here is in between a sauce and a gravy. I did it that way so it wouldn’t soak through the bread.

I hate soggy bread! You can choose not to reduce yours as much if you want to, or you could even just roast some mushrooms to put on your potato po’ boy.

What Does Getting My Sandwich Dressed Mean?

If you visit or live in New Orleans you’ll be asked if you want your po’ boy dressed. It means with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Personally, I like mine dressed with slices of ripe tomato, lettuce and a spread of vegan mayo. Top with a little Tabasco, Louisiana hot sauce, or Texas Pete to spice it up a little.

I actually put a few drops of hot sauce on each bite, so I have 

Skip the Bread and Just Make Fancy Fries!

Not in the mood for a sandwich? Make a plate of these fries, topped with gravy, hot sauce and melt a little vegan cheese. Yum!

Vegan Cooking in Your Air Fryer

Where Can I Get More Vegan Air Fryer Recipes?

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Make a nice single serving Vegan Air Fryer Carrot Cake Recipe (GF & Oil-Free Options), and make sure to try my air fried chicken-fried soy curls or this cauliflower recipecauliflower recipe in your next Po Boy!

French Fry Po' Boy - Air Fryer and Oven Directions